About us

Team Talentum

We are group of young people interested in programming and robotics. Our Team was created in 2011 and since then we regularly attend many robotics competitions, such as: First LEGO League, RoboCup.

We are also actively engaged in popularisation of cience troufh the Night of researchers and other events and presentations.

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Mrs. Angelika Hanesz

Founding coach of Team Talentum, Manager of Talentum Cassoviensis Foundation

Team Talentum was established in 2011. Since the beginning she guided professional activities and takes care of the administration.

Team members

Current members:

Oliver Davitko, Maximillián Pándy, Alex Pándy, Oszkár Urbán, Matúš Pačuta, Peter Albert, Július Kurimský, Noemi Dienes, Daniel Szabó

Past members:

Júlia Hanesz, Szabó Dániel, Juraj Bazár, Veronika Szitás, Zoltán Hanesz, Michal Pándy, Ádám Urbán, Zoltán Szitás, Juraj Mičko, Pavol Drotár, Kovács Norman, Benedek Kukoricás, Ján Pavol Luby, Mária Kuczik.


Talentum Cassoviensis Foundation

Talentum Cassoviensis Foundation was founded in 2007. The foundation supports talented children in Arts and Sciences by direct stipendia or organising various events. Or robotics Team Taletum works under the guidiance of the Talentum Cassoviensis Foundation. You can find more information about our foundation on its official webpage (available only in hungarian).