FLL Central Europe Semi-final – Debrecen

Team TalentumSAP has just arrived from Debrecen, where they competed at the Central Europe Semi-final of the First Lego League competition against the 27 best teams from Hungary, Poland, Czech republic, Slovakia, Russia and Bulgaria. The event took place at the Kölcsey Center in Debrecen 4-5 February 2017. Besides the competition many universities and science centers contributed to this festival with several exhibitions and presentations. The cheerful team party, amazing hospitality and the professional approach of the judges and referees will stay in our memories forever. Thank you Debrecen! Thank you National Instruments!

The results, which allowed our team to qualify to the Central Europe Final in Regensburg, Germany:
Robot Design – 1st place
Lego Creativity Award – 1st place
Research project – 2nd place
Robot Game – 3rd place
Overall ranking – 2nd place
This success is the result of great teamwork, hard work, proper preparation and amazing talent. Congrats boys!

Team members: Kuczik Mária, Urbán Oszkár, Pándy Maximilán, Dávitko Olivér, Luby János, Kovács Norman and Pačuta Máté.
Mentors: Hanesz Angelika and Szitás Zoltán Jr.

Official results:

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