FLL Estonian Open International 2018

Estonia – Tallinn – Victory – Veni, vidi, vici.

We have never dreamed about becoming the Champions in the FLL World Championship. And now this dream has become a reality. In Tallinn, Estonia, where the FLL Open European Championship was held on the 6-8th June, TalentumSAP managed to win the Overall Champions’ Award. Project, Robot Design, Teamwork, Robot Game have all been outstanding. It’s fruit of our long years of hard work. We would like to thank to all our teammembers, parents and sponsors who made it possible!

Thank you Estonia!

Team members: Kuczik Mária, Urbán Oszkár, Pándy Maximilián, Luby János, Dávitko Olivér és Pačuta Máté.

Youtube – FLL Estonian Open International 2018

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