RoboCup2018 – Slovak Championship

The 23. RoboCup Junior Slovak national round was held in Martin from the  28th of February until the 2nd of March 2018. The best teams in every category earned the right to compete in this year’s RoboCup World Championhips in Montreal, Canada. Groups of young creative minds from primary and secondary schools from all across the country faced off in categories Soccer, Rescue, OnStage and Construction. Team Talentum, beaten only by the Slovenian Šerš team finished 2nd in the Rescue CoSpace. As the best Slovakian team in their respective category, they have successfully clinched the qualification to the international round.

In the special category called Construction, teams were presented with a task on the spot and had 4 hours to come up with the best solution. Our team managed to beat all the remaining 18 teams bringing home the winning trophy.
Team members: Zoltán Szitás, Maximilián Pándy, Oskar Urbán and Oliver Davitko.