FLL 2015 – V4 Final, Košice

For the first time in FLL history our hometown, Košice was the host of an international round of the FLL competition. It took place on 12th February 2016 in the Kunsthalle gallery, where the best teams from the countries of the V4 competed against each other.
21 very well prepared teams from Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and even Romania visited our wonderful town for this event.
Team Talentum won the Robot Game category by a great margin and was also able to be in the top 3 in all the remaining categories (Research, Teamwork, Robot Design). Thanks to these great results our team qualified for the FLL Central Europe Final from the 1st place. From the semi-final the top 5 teams will get a chance to face the best teams from Germany, Switzerland and Austria in the finals in Debrecen.

Winners of the competition:
1. TalentumSAP, Košice
2. ReSAP, Budapest
3. IT-PRO-BESST, Trnava
4. TövisCSAPat, Budapest
5. AISB Vampires, Bucharest

Final results: