FLL 2015 Regional round – Košice

Team TalentumSAP won this year’s FIRST LEGO LEAGUE regional round in Košice with a great margin. Our team even beat the Slovak record in the Robot Game category.

Robot game

By scoring 765 points in the preliminary rounds we already set the new Slovak record. Later we beat out own record scoring 829 points in the finals.

Výskumný projekt

The judges were pleased with our project and awarded it with the 1st place. Alphabox is an intelligent trash bin equipped with a compressor for PET bottles, which is able to press them to 1/3 of their size. It also has a built in ultrasonic sensor, which measures the fullness of the bin and informs the trash handling company in case it needs emptying. It can also detect presence of smoke in case of fire.

Total 1. place
Robot game 1. place
Robot design 3. place
Research project 1. place
Teamwork 3. place

In total our team achieved 1. place, which makes us very happy. We hope to repeat this result in the FLL Southeast Semifinal. This year the semifinal takes place in our town, Košice.

Check out our video from the competition:

Team members:
Szitás Zoltán, Pándy Maximilan, Urbán Oszkár, Kukoricás Bence, Luby János, Davitko Olivér és Kovács Norman.