FLL Open European Championship – Tenerife 2016

The Talentum robotics team after a great performance at the CE Finals qualified to the FLL Open European Championship in Tenerife, Spain, where they competed against 90 teams from 40 countries from all across the world.

We won two major prizes:
Robot Game – 3. place
Robot Mechanical Design – 1. place

However FLL is not just about robots, t is also about high quality teamwork, new friendships and many other great experiences that our boys get from these wonderful journeys. We will never forget this great trip, the beautiful sandy beaches with black sand and Europe’s best zoo which we also got to visit.

Team members: Szitás Zoltán, Urbán Oszkár, Pándy Maximilian, Dávitko Olivér, Kovács Norman, Kukoricás Benedek és Luby János.
Mentors: Hanesz Angelika and Hanesz Zoltán Jr.
The team’s biggest fan and best accompany:  Szitás Zoltán Sr.

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