lego robot

LegoBot competition

Welcome young competitor!

We are organizing a one-time public competition LegoBot, based on our presentation at British International School in Bratislava (BISB). For more information about the presentation see Presentation at BISB.

lego robot

Simple LEGO Robot

Your main task is to:

  1. Build a robot from LEGO bricks. You don’t have to use NXT or any electronic parts. Additional materials are allowed as well. Be creative and show us how you imagine the future.
  2. Send us a photo of your robot
    Subject: “LegoBot – (your name)”
    Body: Write essential information about yourself, your school and your robot. Don’t forget to attach the photo 🙂
  3. Win! The most interesting robot constructors will be awarded.

You will compete in 2 categories:

  • Category A is only for children from the British International School Bratislava.
  • Category B is for everyone interested in robotics. Invite your friends and get started.

Everyone from BISB will compete in Category A & B, others only in Category B.

Competition deadline: 31st October.

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LegoBot competition leaflet

LegoBot competition leaflet