Fencing Master

Fencing Master

Fencing Master is the solution for education in the Research Project of Team Talentum for the FLL World Class Task – intelligent target for fencers.

We presented the Fencing Master at the FLL Semi Final South-east in Debrecen, where we won the best Research presentation price. Then we introduced our project in FIRST World Festival in St. Louis (2015) and won the Innovative Solution Award, 3rd place.

Now we are publishing more information about our winning project Fencing Master.


  • Intelligent system for fencing
  • Web interface for controlling training progress, connects with computer using WiFi
  • Foot technique detector
  • 3-way feedback for fencer or trainer: color light bars, sounds, web interface
  • Various software training modes

Technical details:

  • Controlled by built-in Raspberry Pi microcomputer
  • Programmed in Java, see the source code on GitHub

For more details see http://fencingmaster.talentum.net/.