Talentum az innovatív megoldás trófeájával

Our success in St. Louis

Our group consisting of 14 members embarked on a journey April 20th 2015  from Liszt Ferenc airport in Budapest. On that day we arrived to St. Louis, where the FIRST World Championships were held for the last 5 years. Each year this competition attracts many curious spectators.

The Jr. FLL, FTC, FRC and FLL world championships are part of this huge event, where the world’s finest robotics teams compete in their respective categories for the world champion award. Here you can see Barack Obama’s speech for the competing teams in the FIRST World Championships.

FIRST World Championships stats:

  • 26000 spectators
  • 350 team
  • 3200 competitors

FIRST Championship díjátadó gála

We had a unique opportunity to compete with the 105 best FLL teams in the world. During the four days of competition we presented our robot to the judges, we also let others try our research presentation product, the Fencing Master and we also showed our teamwork. On the awards ceremony, the judges awarded the top 3 teams in all the subcategories and they also gave out 6 special awards. Our research presentation product, an interactive fencing target called Fencing Master, which helps fencers train accuracy and footwork caught the judges attention and won the 3rd place in the Innovative solution award.


Even though we lacked only a couple of points to get from the preliminaries  to the robot game quarter finals, our robot finished with a nice 17th among the 106 competing robots.

In the end we came home very satisfied with the results, with lots of new experiences and even more ideas and plans to the future. :)